Girls to Thrive

A report exploring where is the money for adolescent girls’ rights using an ecosystem approach

Welcome to the space where the report Resourcing Adolescent Girls to Thrive lives. This report brings together the findings from a research process exploring where is the money for adolescent girls’ rights using an ecosystem approach. This report is an offering to anyone in the adolescent girls funding landscape who is interested in supporting adolescent girls to thrive. 

Resourcing Adolescent Girls to Thrive offers sensemaking of the currently opaque and disconnected funding landscape for girls from two entry points: funding actor types, such as private foundations, women’s funds, bilateral agencies, or multilateral institutions, and funding streams, such as issue-based or population-based funding.

Key findings from the research

Tracking the funding for adolescent girls is not possible due to these four limitations: 

To overcome limitations in tracking funding, this research offers a taxonomy for funders to collectively consider adopting to better understand funding flows for girls. 

Understanding the reasons behind funding framework preferences and the relative amounts of funding flowing through varied frameworks are useful indicators of landscape conditions and the extent to which girls are thriving.

In lieu of recommendations, the report offers scaffolding for a feminist funding ecosystem towards which the field can be moving. Such an ecosystem centers girls and has multiple actors and resources supporting girls to thrive. 

Beyond the Report

This report is a conversation starter - not conclusive research - and as such it seeks to open a space for further research, advocacy, and convening across multiple actors, evolving what this research report presents as findings and offerings.   

Cover design of Resourcing Girls to Thrive report. The image is made up of collage colours in orange, green and gold
A logo that says "Funding for Adolescent girls in the past".

Resourcing Girls to Thrive is being made accessible to you as an advance review copy. We are also making an infographic for adolescent girls developed by Giovanna Basso and Yande Banda. If you are interested to read the report in full, please fill in this form to access the report: 

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